10 CCMR First Principles

God is worshipped and trusted by people of Faith among whom are those of the three Abrahamic (Ibrahimic) Faiths: Jews, Christians and Muslims

The Council for Christian Muslim Relations believes that Christians and Muslims and Jews share these important beliefs:

  1. We believe that there is only one God (in Arabic, Allah)
  2. God (Allah) is worshipped by Jews, Christians and Muslims
  3. We believe that God (Allah) is compassionate and merciful and loves us
  4. Muslims, Christian and Jews share the two commandments:
    • Love the Lord, Your God,
    • Love your neighbour (the people you know, those you meet, in fact, the whole of humankind) as yourself
  5. We believe that God (Allah) created everything
  6. We believe that God (Allah) created all of us. This makes us all brothers and sisters whether or not we are Muslims, Christians or Jews
  7. We believe that God (Allah) created us male and female, physically different but equal in the sight of God (Allah)
  8. We believe that when we do good we are doing God’s (Allah’s) will, and when we do bad things we are working against God (Allah)
  9. Anyone who kills or threatens anyone else, except in personal self-defence, is disobeying God (Allah). Such a person is not a martyr (shaheed) but an evil doer. Such evil acts will be punished by God (Allah).
  10. Christians, Muslims and Jews are fellow believers and as descendants of Abraham, the Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) are part of one family. In spite of our differences we should therefore treat each other with great respect and kindness.